Ghostwriters as “one-man offices”

Even more than other forms of literary or professional writing, the scientific work depends on its content: a footnote in the wrong place may be annoying, but it alone will hardly lead to a bad evaluation of the work.

A mistake in the context of meaning, on the other hand, can render the entire work worthless.

Therefore, in addition to the actual writing of the bachelor’s, master’s, master’s or diploma thesis, the administration of the most important resources also plays a major role: what is meant is the literature used and the information contained therein.

If it is sufficient at first to write the literature directly into the text file or to create a table management for chores and other small texts, this is hardly an option for larger works, which contain dozens or even hundreds of titles: scientific work is seldom one constant progress. Instead, in the light of new insights, the results must be interpreted differently, relationships become clear, misconceptions of the past must be corrected. Often enough, all of this is often enough compared to the notorious Sisyphus work: apparent progress turns out to be a waste of time and the work of a few days is lost.

How can scientific work be optimized so that such setbacks can be avoided or at least minimized?

An essential part of such a strategy is to keep an overview of each phase of the work and to organize the necessary data according to logical criteria: literature is then no longer simply read, but evaluated and compared according to its own criteria. Helpful is the use of keywords that allow a quick overview.

If you want, you can save yourself the tedious and painstaking work of the first literature research and evaluation and have the structure, exposé and approach of the bachelor thesis written.

Through their years of training, some of them lasting decades, ghosts not only work quickly and efficiently, but also know the pitfalls and “problem areas” of their subjects, so that they can supplement their texts with hints on how to proceed, with focal points and tailor-made suggestions.