Dream Job Academic Ghostwriter: More Than Writing

There are many illusions about the activities of academic ghostwriters. The most common is that of the distracted, unworldly nerd who commutes between home laptop and library and seldom sees the light of day.

In reality, academic ghostwriting is an extensive activity – writing is just the proverbial “tip of the iceberg”. Its basis consists of useful education and training, the desire for scientific research, a general interest in a wide variety of topics and the willingness to get involved in new things.

Those who have these qualities, but are able to provide good formulations, may well hope to enjoy the blessings of the profession:

  • open time-management
  • largely free design of the procedure
  • reasonable fees (assuming you work for a reputable agency or build a private household)
  • the opportunity to expand your own educational horizon

Among the more unpleasant aspects of the activity are:

  • Durstrecken, where no order settles.
  • The necessity to be motivated to continue even in difficult and less profitable phases of a text production.
  • The lack of colleagues and professional exchange – in principle, all ghostwriters writing lone fighters and thus competitors.
  • Customers who can not resist questions such as “Can I have my bachelor thesis written with you?”.

What is there to consider when entering?

Especially students who want to gain a foothold in the market and do not yet have the necessary experience, are easy prey for the less reputable providers. It is important to get a realistic picture of the future employer: to have conversations, to ask questions, to get information and to read the fine print. Good agencies show their face and support their employees with words and deeds, while a foreign office and an anonymous company name without a personal contact person in the imprint are usually bad signs – both for aspiring ghostwriters and for the customers who have few opportunities Actually demand services.